The Cycle

The Cycle

The Great Wall of Art

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"The Cycle" by Leandri Erlank

South Africa

Original artwork


Dimension centimeters: T.B.A

Dimension Inches: T.B.A

Medium: Cow hides

Packaging: Specialized packaging due to the nature of the artwork

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Framed: No

Ready to Hang: No

Subject: Cows

Style: Expressionism

Artist Thoughts


The idea behind the cow hide sculptures is to represent the process that I have to go through in ‘becoming’ an artist. More than often it’s a cruel and brutal process filled with critique and self-doubt; but crucial in forming the person and artist you are to become.

Working with the off cuts of the cow hides, I am able to create a thing of beauty from something that otherwise would have been thrown away. The ‘becoming’ of the artwork reveals the ‘becoming’ of the artist.

My goal, as an artist, is to move the viewer to a state of emotion- be it positive or negative. I want to emphasize the power art has. By doing so, I emphasize the importance of art in society. In the process I learn more about myself as an artist and as a human being. ‘Becoming’ through the process of art making. I believe the viewer can experience the growth of the artist in the struggle of creating an artwork.

Commissions: The artist is willing to take commissions. If you are interested in a commission from the artist. Please send an email to with the artist name as the subject.


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