Reece Swanepoel


My Name is Reece Swanepoel. I was born on the 25th of May 1996 and grew up in the lovely town of Mossel Bay for most of my youth. Since I first picked a crayon up, I haven’t stopped creating art - it just became better.


My interest in art flamed up when I first took art as a high school subject and learnt that art is much more than simple pictures. I learnt of the underlying language in art and soon my interest morphed into passion, bordering compulsion. Since that time, I haven’t stopped working on pieces manically every single day. This got confirmed through my studies in art education at the North West University Potchefstroom, where I currently reside.


My art is essential and necessary, just like the pains of life it often depicts. It gives one roots and keep you grounded. I leave cognitive processes at the door of my studio as to not overthink what I’m doing and for a purity in line and form, which are two of the elements of art that I focus on with my art. Emotion, especially empathy, stands center stage in my works. My goal is to make you feel something for the mere illusion-ed depiction of someone to make you question why you can’t do this outside the doors of the gallery. It makes you question, and that is powerful.


I’m establishing my name in the South African art scene and simultaneously trying to echo it onto an international platform. My art, though deemed contemporary expressionism, is Neomodern in style and finds its’ foundation in Metamodernism (also called Post-postmodernism) - a philosophical movement started in 2012 reacting on the alienation Postmodernism birthed

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