Elizabeth Tristram


Elizabeth Tristram did her BFA at Rhodes University (2008) after which she got her Master’s Degree in Art History (2010). She majored in painting for her BFA, working predominantly in oils. Her final year exhibition was a series focusing on the fluidity of memory. This body of work was done solely in chalk pastel. 


After graduation in 2011, Elizabeth moved to Pretoria, Gauteng and started her career as an instructional designer. She wrote and illustrated training material for social improvement projects, working as a self employed graphic designer and illustrator for seven years. Elizabeth spent these years working mostly in digital media and creating landscape paintings in photoshop. 


In 2016, she experimented with watercolours for the first time and started a journey that would change the direction of her career. After falling in love with the medium, she finally took the leap to become a full-time artist in 2017 and has been creating ever since.


Today, Elizabeth is working towards a body of work that explores her love of “controlled puddles”. She works in a multitude of mediums but specializes in watercolour. She is a chronic photorealist but of late has started to explore more interpretive realms.

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