Peter Barrett

Peter Barrett currently resides in Knysna, where after a 37 year hiatus from painting he started painting again in the year 2008. We are captivated by many of Peter’s impressionistic landscapes. We got to know Peter a little better recently and would love to share with you a little more about Peter.
  1. How did you get back into art after your long hiatus?

Retirement forced my hand, needed to occupy myself, so had no option to return to the canvas and do what I attempted to do 35 years earlier.

  1. What inspires you?

I don’t follow trends or anything contemporary. I simply have a desire to find a good reference denoting some sort of light or mood and then transferring the scene onto canvas. I merely wish to paint and gain enjoyment from the journey.

  1. If you could get to spend time and learn from any living or dead artist, who would it be?

Richardt Schmidt from Vermont in USA

  1. Why is oil your medium of choice?

As far as oil is concerned. I say what was good enough for Monet is good enough for me. Oil is the best and longest lasting medium no matter what anyone says.

    5. Of all the artworks you created, which is your favourite?

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