Megan Venter

Megan just recently graduated with B.Sc Agric Animal Science. However in her free time she has been creating beautiful artworks and showing immense growth as a artist.

She is definitely an artist we will keep an eye on. We asked the animal loving artist a few questions to find out more about her.

Where did you first realise that you have talent as an artist?

I first saw that I had different artistic talent when I was in primary school. Whenever we were told to copy a picture from a page I could never understand why the other kids couldn't get the dimensions right. Couldn't they see that that line was too long or that the eye was too small? The teachers were always shocked at how accurate I could make images and make them life like using colours.

Who is your favourite artist dead or alive and why?

I think my favourite artist would have to be Michelangelo. My dad and I took a trip to Italy in 2012. I was absolutely astonished by his work. The amount of detail he could create by painting on a roof and while painting on your back. It still blows my mind.

We see you using different mediums and to an extent different styles. Which is your favourite and why?

Watercolour would have to be my favourite medium. It just gives you so much freedom to experiment. I find it so fascinating that while I'm making the artwork it starts off looking nothing like it should but with every brush stroke you see this beautiful image appear and it always excites me. I like to challenge myself and I feel with watercolour I allow myself to be challenged as I move to more detailed art works.

How long on average does it take you to create an artwork from beginning to finish?

On average an artwork takes me around 4 days to complete, although it does depend on the size. I'm a type of person that can't be stick in the same work for very long because I'll get bored and want something new, unless the art I'm creating is very gripping.

How often do you paint/draw?

I try to create by painting or drawing whenever I have time. I usually get a drive to be creative and that's when I can't be stopped.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your works of art?

I draw inspiration mostly from nature and animals. I'm so in love with animals that when I see an image, a program or the animal in real life and there's something that grips me to want to recreate it's beauty.

My different mediums come from seeing other artists drawings /paintings and loving how the texture looks and wanting to challenge myself to try out new techniques. Everything about art is exciting and I think the biggest inspiration comes from the the drive to surprise myself with what I can do and what I am capable of.

You can buy works from Megan Venter here or view them at


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